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How To Survive Daylight Savings With Kids (And Without Coffee)

Surviving daylight savings with kids

Daylight Savings with Kids: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly   I have to admit something that might get me kicked out of the sisterhood of motherhood… I don’t drink coffee. Sometimes I even question it myself. Like, do I Read more…

Why I Vote

Why I Vote. For her. For him, and For me. #ivote

I took my son and daughter with me to vote in the state primary elections. They were excited to scamper into the voting booth, and even more excited to get a sticker. Everyone loves stickers. On the ballot, I noticed Read more…

Halloween Potato Stamp Craft for Kids – Let’s Get Pinteresty!

Halloween Potato Stamp Craft for Kids - Minimal materials, minimal steps, maximum cuteness!

Halloween is here. Let’s get crafty! I’m channeling my inner Pinterest mom today to bring you that one time I got super crafty with my kids for a Halloween potato stamp craft. I know crafting is not my blogging shtick, Read more…

Rule Breaking in the Rain: Why It Pays to Break the Rules

Sometimes we need to break the rules to really experience our lives.

Fair warning, this will be the second time in three months that I’ll reference lip syncing to Coolio on this blog and then somehow tie it into a life lesson. #sorrynotsorry   Hip Hopping in the Rain The year – Read more…

7 Stages of Preparing for House Guests When You Have Kids

7 stages of preparing for house guests when you have kids

Having house guests is always fun. Lots of quality time, lots of laughs, and lots of extra hands to steer your children away from the stove. The challenging part is the preparation leading up to guest arrival day. When you Read more…

The ABCs of Simple Birthday Party Planning

Cake Smash

Many thanks to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post! We’re excited to share some tips, tricks, and products for great, and simple, birthday party planning. And there will be laughs, of course there will be laughs!  (Contains affiliate links.) Birthday Read more…

5 Easy Baby Books for Scrapbooking Dropouts

easy baby book alternatives to baby scrapbooks

I am a collector of memories. A moment curator. A true nostalgic. The type of person who should DEFINITELY be making baby scrapbooks for her kids. But I’m not. Not really. For as much as I cherish little moments and Read more…

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