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Thinking about starting a blog?

Do it! Do it! Chanting makes it happen!

Need some help? I’ll be your tour guide who brings you over to the helpful people. Check out some blogging resources that have helped me navigate this fabulous little world. (affiliate links below)

Tech Stuff

SiteGround – Buy your domain name here and set up your hosting. Like any great host, SiteGround makes a really nice spinach dip and has excellent customer service. Pricing starts at $3.95 which I afford by buying the store brand granola bars. If you are hoping to turn your blog into a business, setting up a self-hosted site through SiteGround instead of using is the way to go. You’ll have more control over the look and feel of your site and can monetize through affiliate marketing and advertisements. – The site that lets you build your blog and manage your content. Like the architects in Inception. Kind of. Super user friendly, blog themes to make your site look professional, and a community of WordPress bloggers. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Writing Stuff

Finding your voice – Helene has a lot of great blogging advice in her posts and webinars. Start here and then read everything she has ever written on the subject.

Facebook Groups – Find a tribe of like minded bloggers who can support you along the way. Promote your posts, read others’ posts, make connections. It’s a really great community of people who truly just want to see other bloggers succeed.

Yoast – This is techy, but it’s a great techy thing for writing. Yoast is a plugin available once you set up your self-hosted site with WordPress. It essentially tells you if you’re making your writing hard to read or search for. I think of it as a good friend who is willing to say “Um, Bec. That sentence is 400 words, in a passive voice, and is just kind of dumb.”

Design Stuff

Canva – Looking to create a pretty pin for your blog post? Canva is a super easy and free tool. Think PowerPoint, but easier.

Stock Photos – Blog posts <3 Pictures. And I don’t always have the right pictures. But these sites do, for $Free.99.

Made in Canva, with a Stock Photo. In 5 minutes.

12 Blogging Resources for New Bloggers. Resources for website hosting, writing tips, design tools, blogging promotion, and affiliate marketing.

Money Making Stuff

I like the idea of finding a way to pay for my hobbies. You too? Check out some simple affiliate marketing tools. It’s like Ebates, you get paid for marketing stuff from these sites through advertising or linking to a product you are talking about anyways. And it doesn’t cost anyone more money to buy from your link. Cool, cool, cool.

Amazon Affiliates

Target Affiliates

Ebates Referrals

Like the idea of working with brands to give your honest opinion and share great products and services with your readers? That’s sponsored posts, yo. Whenever I do a sponsored post it is always, always, ALWAYS, in my own voice and never feels off brand from my other stories. Really fun way to side hustle. Find opportunities here:



Pinning Stuff

All I ever needed to know about life I learned in kindergarten. Except blogging, they didn’t teach blogging. So I’m learning about that on Pinterest.

Tailwind – Automation station! A lot of my website visitors come from Pinterest – and I don’t even write anything all that useful! So take it from a nonsense blogger, you really can drive traffic from Pinterest. Tailwind auto schedules your pins for you which saves a lot of time. Get a free trial and $30 off if you decide to upgrade after your first 100 pins. (Through June 17)

Pin Practical Monica over at Redefining Mom is a Pinterest ninja. She is a super successful blogger and is currently teaching me all kinds of Pinterest stuff. Check her out!

This is How I Blog I’m pinning new blogging stuff all the time, follow along!


Let me know if you start a blog! I want to read about all your hopes, dreams, and deepest secrets. Or your cheesecake recipe. That too.


With love and a little self-deprecation,


P.S. While you’re here, come stay a while! Check out the Best Of page for some laughs!


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