21 Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids (And Kids at Heart)

At two years old Jack has decided that he is old enough to pick out his own Halloween costume. Good parents would see this as an exciting and sweet milestone marking a step towards independence. However, I see it as a grave injustice.

Jack was named partially after his great grandfather, and partially because Glen and I really enjoy Halloween and word play. Do you know how many Halloween costume ideas there are for the name Jack? 1,457. But that would make for a really long blog post.

21 Halloween Costumes for Kids & Kids at Heart

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Jack in the Box

Jack In A Box

Jack in the Box was adorable, and homemade because I only had one child at the time and apparently too much free time.

Materials Needed: Felt, Pom Poms, White Onesie, Hot Glue, Pipe Cleaners, Construction Paper, Big Box from all those Amazon diaper deliveries, Whimsy.

Jack O’ Lantern

Jack O’ Lantern was also adorable, and partially homemade because I had two children but one of them didn’t really move yet. And by homemade I mean I stuffed his shirt full of cotton from an old pillow. Count it.

Materials Needed: Orange Shirt, Orange Pants, Black Felt, Pumpkin Hat, Old Pillow, Poor Sewing Skills.

This year I had my heart set on Jack Sparrow for my little dude. And I had even started brainwashing him in early July by talking a lot about how cool pirates are. I thought this one was locked up. Also, I was totally buying this guy on Prime. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

Until Jack decided that he wanted to be Daniel Tiger for Halloween and didn’t really care about my hopes or dreams. Toddlers can be so self involved.

But if you also have a kid named Jack feel free to take some of my other favorites because some of these? Honestly my back hurts from many self-congratulatory pats.

Jack of All Trades
Jack of Spades (Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds)
Jack Hammer
Lumber Jack
Jack Flash

Those suggestions are a tad specific. So for those without a small child named Jack, I have some other Halloween costumes ideas that have slayed at Halloween parties all over the New England suburbs.

Flo and Mayhem

Flo and Mayhem

This was super fun, very coupley, and well aligned with 2013 insurance based pop culture. I think it still works now though because Flo is hanging on real strong.

Materials Needed: For Flo – White Polo, White Pants, White Apron, Markers, Red Lipstick, Black Wig (DNA dependent), and Sass. For Mayhem – An Old Suit That Was Accidentally Shrunk In The Wash, Scissors, Band Aids, and Reckless Abandon.

The Sky


When I was a kid my mom made me a Night Sky costume that was way cooler than this and included a cardboard solar system head piece. Incredible. My knock off “Day Sky” wasn’t terrible though. Fun Fact: Glen was a Leprechaun that year. A kid who came to the door for trick or treating asked Glen if he was dressed up as the Industrial Revolution. Glen answered correctly – yes.

Materials Needed:  For The Sky – Blue Clothes, Cotton Balls, Glue, Mad Ups. For Industrial Revolution – Glen’s Leprechaun Costume.

Baker and Bun in the Oven

Bun in the oven

I really want to take credit for this idea but I’m 97% sure I found the Bun in the Oven costume on Pinterest. With our little dude still doing time on the inside, I had time to really get my craft on for this one. Time I maybe should have spent stockpiling sleep. Hindsight is 20/20.

Materials Needed: Bun in the Oven – Pregnant Lady, Pregnant Lady Sized Box, Construction Paper, Duct Tape, Picture of a Bun, No Desire to Sit Down at the Party. Baker – Baker’s Hat, Pot Holder, World’s Greatest Dad Apron, Flour, Patience.

As for my little lady, Norah has lots of opinions about milk, yogurt, and stuffed animals, but so far zero opinions regarding Halloween costumes. I really hope I get at least one more year out of that because she’s going to be an adorable tutu-ed lady bug this year, and according to Amazon you can buy children’s tutus in every color of the rainbow… I’d very much like to do that.

I hope that I’m leaving you with a little Halloween inspiration today. And I look forward to hearing about your costume ideas in the comments. But for now if you will excuse me, I need to start working on my Halloween costume for this year: Bill from Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel of Fortune

With a bag full of Halloween candy and cavities that aren’t going to create themselves,

BeccaWith love and a little self-deprecation

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