There’s a Holiday for That: Excuses to Celebrate Every Day of the Year

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We have a tradition in our family of gifting each other Shutterfly photo calendars for Christmas. They are always my favorite present (except the one year I got a robot vacuum because come on… a robot vacuum? What is this The Jetsons?) I love making the calendars too because it’s such a great way to relive the joys of the past year, and to feel like you’re being really productive while binge watching Friends on Netflix.

The calendar my mom makes for me hangs in my office at work and it’s filled with pictures of my children so by all unbiased accounts, it’s adorable. There is also space on Shutterfly calendars to include pictures on important dates (birthday, anniversaries, holidays, random Tuesdays to make the gift receiver panic for a moment thinking she forgot someone’s birthday, etc.). My mom puts family birthdays on my calendar, but also includes tons of random holidays because she’s awesome like that.

Some of my personal favs:

Festival of Sleep Day (Jan 3)
Measure Your Feet Day (Jan 23)
Work Naked Day (Feb 1)
Reach As High As You Can Day (Apr 14)
Embrace Your Geekness Day (Jul 13)
Ride Like the Wind Day (Aug 23)

Some people hate random holidays. There will always be that one person on Facebook causing a stink because “Wasn’t it just National Dog Day yesterday??” No, that was International Puppy Day. Get it right or pay the price. (That’s my 1000th* 90’s reference on this blog – another moment worth celebrating.)

I love these random holidays though. Why shouldn’t we celebrate Siblings Day, Best Friends Day, National Juggling Day or Something on a Stick Day? Life is short, a little terrifying at times, and filled with reasons to be sad or angry or confused. They are important reasons too, and we should talk about them. But we should also take every last chance to celebrate that we can.

Life is too short not to celebrate every chance we get.

So in addition to Corn Fritters Day (July 16) and Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day (Jan 11),  and Wear Pajamas to Work Day (April 16), here’s a comprehensive list of wackadoo holidays that you can celebrate any way you’d like. Hashtag, tweet, post, send cards, get a piñata – whatever. But by all means, like my grandmother says – “Live it up!”

(Actually you really should get a piñata if you haven’t done that in a while. I had one for my 22nd birthday and a decade later it remains one of my top 25 life memories. This one would work well for September 19th. You’re welcome.)


With confetti, ice cream cake, and lots of love,

BeccaWith love and a little self-deprecation

*Maybe 1000th. I started to count, remembered I don’t like numbers, and went and got a snack instead so your guess is as good as mine.

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A year of wacky holidays because life is too short not to celebrate every chance we get.


23 thoughts on “There’s a Holiday for That: Excuses to Celebrate Every Day of the Year

  1. This is so fun! Haha lazy day might be my favorite. I also love random holidays. I still remember this project we did all the way back in elementary on random holidays. There’s one for pretty much every day of the year! My husband doesn’t love holidays as much as me, but maybe I’ll build up his tolerance by celebrating more often 😉 haha

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    • I’m pretty excited about Lazy Day too! And I think you can totally build your husband’s tolerance. Start with Cake Day and Chocolate Covered Anything Day. Those feel universally acceptable.


  2. I, too, love celebrating random holidays! I also love the Christmas gift idea of a Shutterfly calendar! I may have to use that idea this year! My daughter worked with my mother-in-law to create a hand design calendar with an art project for each month and it is adorable and to this day it hangs in her room. You have inspired me to pay more attention to the random holidays that come up and to find unique ways to celebrate them with my children !

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  3. I do a calendar for the grandparents too. Actually remembered to include myself, to get a calendar, cuz dang it I really like them. I may have to put random holidays on theirs too! 😂 they’d be like… whaaaat? Celebrate good times, c’mon!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Junk Food Day is on Friday. I suppose a holiday is a good enough reason to abandon the diet for a day, right? And then there’s Vanilla Ice Cream Day and Milk Chocolate Day this month. Mmm.

    Liked by 1 person

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