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6 Storytelling Podcasts That Will Make You Forget About TV

Podcast recommendations

Do you like TV? How about pizza, air, and happiness? Oh really – you do? How odd that we are so similar! Now, do you like TV but would be open to substituting your TV watching habit with storytelling podcasts Read more…

Rule Breaking in the Rain: Why It Pays to Break the Rules

Sometimes we need to break the rules to really experience our lives.

Fair warning, this will be the second time in three months that I’ll reference lip syncing to Coolio on this blog and then somehow tie it into a life lesson. #sorrynotsorry   Hip Hopping in the Rain The year – Read more…

What Does “Having It All” Mean To You?

What does it mean to have it all as a working mom? And are we too busy having it all to determine if the all we are striving towards is really what we want? Use the 100 jobs career development tool to help you figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

If there is one phrase mothers across America are SO done with it’s “Can I have another snack?” If there are TWO phrases mothers across America are SO done with the other one would be “having it all.” I’ve struggled Read more…

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