Month: April 2018

The New Yorkiest: Hamilton, Pods, & Pizza

The New Yorkiest!

“Mommy, where are you?” – Jack “New York!” – Me “New work?” – Jack “New York!” – Me “Newark?” – Jack Apparently my three year old didn’t think I was cool enough to be spending a weekend in New York. Read more…

Procreating Ain’t Easy: The Trying To Conceive In-Between

trying to conceive in between

Procreating ain’t easy. It’s “supposed” to be, but for a lot of people it simply is not. So for the women out there peeing on one million sticks and wondering why their high school health teacher made it sound like Read more…

Your Disney Movie Bracket Questions Answered

Dear Becca, I’m excited about A Very Disney Movie Bracket but I need more information. You basically explained nothing in the last post. I mean, it was funny, but kind of light on details. Love, Everyone Fair enough.

A Very Disney Movie Bracket

Disney Movie Bracket

The brackets are back, baby! Disney movie brackets this time! But first, some context. Some really funny context. We Got Frozen We decided to show our kids Frozen for the first time recently. We thought it would be nice for Read more…

0 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips to Make You Feel Better About the State of Your Home

There are lots of articles about spring cleaning circulating around the internet right now. Which makes me want to dust. But also REALLY not want to dust. I’ll cut to the chase here and let you know this post will provide Read more…

It’s Like Riding a Bike, Easily Forgotten and Painful

It's like riding a bike; painful and easily forgotten

Both of my kids are learning to ride bikes right now. Jack is on a balance bike and Norah is rocking a tricycle. I’m all for getting them onto their various modes of fresh air transportation and seeing them embrace Read more…

How You Doin’: The Business of Busyness

The business of busyness

“How are you?” says Person A. “Busy” says Person B, in a frenzied state of self absorption assuming everyone else in the world is currently managing only one task at a time and taking breaks to eat bonbons. Oh, and Read more…