Toddlers Don’t Sit: A Long Beach Island Vacation Recap

Vacationing with two toddlers at the beach is not for the faint of heart. Or for those with a sub par fitness level.

Fortunately one of our toddlers has a pretty healthy respect for the ocean and the other can’t run very fast yet. It’s a strange combination of emotions, but I felt that for a week of summer vacation in Long Beach Island (LBI) I was in a constant state of “head on a swivel happy panic.”

“Aww, look at Norah playing in the sand. So cute! WHERE’S JACK!?!”

“Yay, Jack! You jumped into that wave like a champion! NORAH – DON’T EAT THAT LIVE CRAB!”

“Everything is perfect! This wine is delicious! I love sitting on the deck by the ocean! La La La. JACK! STAY AWAY FROM THOSE STAIRS! Also, why oh why are you out of your room? Please go to bed… Can I interest you in a bribe?”

Beach kids

We Must Protect This Island

My family has been going to LBI, New Jersey for vacation since the dawn of time, approximately. It’s the best place in the United States and whenever anyone utters a harsh word about New Jersey I go into Mama Bear mode protecting this beautiful land like I carried it in my womb for 40 weeks.

No one does ice cream like LBI. No one does mini golf like LBI. No one does boogie boarding waves like LBI. If you try to start a conversation by saying “But Becca… Cape Cod is so much closer to your house…” I’ll start saying things I’ll probably regret later and no one wants that. (No offense to the Cape. It’s absolutely lovely, but just don’t try to convince me that 300 miles isn’t worth it for true love.)


If you’ve been to LBI please let me know so we can form a lifelong friendship based purely on the fact that LBI is the best. I’ve based lasting friendships on much less. My marriage is built primarily on a solid foundation of us both thinking that olives are gross.

Tell Me A Story, You’re the Story Man

One of my favorite parts of LBI week is always the stories that are told while we are all sitting around on beaches or decks not contributing much of anything to society besides excessive laughter. Large extended family + Beer + Free time = General hilarity.

Most of the best stories from LBI week aren’t my own stories so I would feel like I’m stealing family members’ potential future blog material if I write them in full here. But man there was a good one about someone almost getting tackled into a fountain at an office Christmas party… And some real good stuff about losing grooms at Bachelor parties… Also, a group retelling of the time my dad used an ax to break this pinata

I didn’t sit to read, eat, or converse much this past week because toddlers toddle, but when I did sit down for some storytelling the family brought the goods.

Giant Jenga
In addition to the stories, the family also brought Giant Jenga.

Kids Say The Darndest Things

The kids supplied great future story material too. When Norah starts talking more she’ll come through with the one liners I’m quite sure because her baby babble comedic timing is on point. But for the sake of this post it’s mostly the Jack show as his 2 year old vocabulary continues to grow and delight.

“Mommy, I want to go to the concentrate at the park and dance to music.” Read: concert.

“Look, I have jealous in my hair!” Read: gel.

“Who’s tooting?” While peeking under a bathroom stall at a rest stop.

“I liked the new house better.” As he walks in the door to our home after a 9 hour journey back from vacation.


When I told Glen I didn’t know if I had a real cohesive theme to build a vacation blog post around, he told me that this post didn’t need to be funny. I could go sentimental or nostalgic. Which is nice I guess, but really just means my husband doesn’t know me at all besides the whole olive thing. We should probably communicate more.

On that note, let’s close this random sucker up with some more pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks, LBI for another killer week with some of my favorite humans. Stay perfect. 

Without much of a tan because I used baby sunscreen all week (#SPF5000),


Shop the post to essentially pay for 1/8 of my LBI ice cream intake next year. That’s a pretty good okay cause.


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